Audio Settings

The Soundbite audio recording widget is designed to capture the best audio from the users' browser. If support for capabilities we use fail, we degrade and backport to be able to, at the very least capture a recording. Most of your users will interact with your audio recording widget from a modern browser.

Output Quality

In your account you can navigate to the Widget settings page and configure your output file quality. You're able to choose between 96,000 bits per second, 128,000 bits per second, or 256,000 bits per second. Our interface allows for you to download the processed MP3 file or download the uncompressed raw file (this could be M4A, WAV, WEBA and depends on your users' browser capabilities). If you're on the free plan or you haven't configured your widget yet, you will get 96,000 bits per second by default.

Recording Duration

You are able to set the recording duration in seconds based on your plan. This is the countdown the user will see while recording. When the time expires the widget will automatically stop recording. By default, if no value is provided or you're on the free plan, the recording is limited to 30 seconds.

Degredation Message

This option allows you to toggle showing of a message to users who may be on an incapable browser. An example of the message your user will see is below.