Getting Started

The Soundbite audio recording widget is supported on all major modern web browsers including mobile variants. Your visitors will be able to record an audio message, play back the message, provide you with their contact details and upon their confirmation, send all of this you.

The Soundbite service will provide you storage and features to interact with these messages as they are sent. You are able to add multiple team members to your account. You will receive notifications of messages to your account. You can login and download MP3's of any voice recording recieved to use them for testimonails, in your videos or podcasts, etc.


To get the embed widget installed you will need access to your website HTML code. This process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

  1. You will be adding a script tag to the HEAD section of your master template.
  2. You will be dropping in an DIV element to where the embed widget will be mounted.

You can access the code snippets directly from your account settings page under the widget section.

Place the following code in the HEAD section of your HTML code. This loads our JavaScript and CSS code necessary to create the widget on your page.

<script src="" defer></script>

Place the following HTML element anywhere within the BODY section of your HTML code. Replace the your-account-token with the token listed on your account settings page under the widget section. If this is not included you will be shown an error message on the widget.

<div data-soundbite data-soundbite-token="your-account-token"></div>

To customize your embed widget check out the Customization section.